Why I don’t like Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog COTY 2022

2 Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog 9130 drop

Sherwin Williams announced it’s Color of the Year for 2022 (#COTY2022) and it’s Evergreen Fog 9130. I have opinions!

First, their thoughts:

And “organic gray green”. Aren’t we done with gray gray everywhere? While I acknowledge a green gray is a step forward, Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog is only a baby step.

There are so many hues in an evergreen forest and fog can either mute them or enhance them. Apparently muted is the choice SW prognosticators made.  This first image is clearly the very close to the being an Evergreen Fog hue:

Photo by: Andre Frueh via Unsplash

But do we want to live here?

Photo by Dan Otis via Unplash


eric-muhr-Fs-bcmsV-hA-unsplash (1)
Photo by: Eric Muhr via Unsplash


Justin Kauffman via Unsplash
Justin Kauffman via Unsplash

Personally, I prefer a warmer and brighter palette.  I spent some time pulling together other close green colors from Sherwin Williams that I feel are a better choice for most interiors.

Let me take a moment to note that it’s always incredibly important when selecting paint colors to see samples of the actual paint on the walls where it will go.  Images on a computer screen vary greatly from screen to screen. And printed paint chips are just that – printed representations of the actual paint. Samplize is a great service to order 12×12 real paint samples that can be temporarily adhered to walls.

A little more on Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog:

Evergreen Fog 9130 montage Sherwin Williams COTY 2022

I find that the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer is really quite accurate on my screen. I looked at each color in the Color Visualizer (top right) as well as created a rendering (bottom pic) with each of the alternate (aka prettier to me)  paint colors.

Here are the paint chips I’ve selected:

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog and other green paint chips


Willow Tree and Clary Sage are very similar to Evergreen Fog, but there’s just a bit more green in them which brings a warmer as well as brighter color.


Willow Tree 7741 montage Sherwin Williams COTY 2022


Clary Sage 6178 montage Sherwin Williams COTY 2022


Rookwood Jade and Artichoke are both much more saturated without being dark and foreboding.

Rookwood Jade 2812 montage Sherwin Williams COTY 2022


Artichoke 6179 Montage Sherwin Williams COTY 2022


It goes without saying that all the other elements in a space – color of floors, woodwork and ceilings, furnishings and ambient light will really affect how any wall color will look. And I’m sure there are many of you who really love Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog.

In full disclosure, I took a poll on my Instagram last week the day the color was announced what people thought of it:


Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog poll


So there you have it.  I don’t like. Maybe it’s because I really love green so I want lots of green in my green! But I’m clearly in the minority, at least on my Instagram!

What do you think? Is Evergreen Fog a winner for you?

Editing in 2022 to add the Sherwin Williams #COTY 2023 – have you seen the color yet?

Editing in 2023 – According to this article in Better Homes & Gardens – Sherwin-Williams reports that Evergreen Fog is their 4th best selling paint color ever. So – apparently I continue to be in the minority when it comes to this color!


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29 thoughts on “Why I don’t like Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog COTY 2022”

  1. Hi there
    Trust you are well.

    I do not know if you give advice to people in South Africa, but I am a bit lost in too much of your beautiful paintcolours and realy needs some help please.

    Just love all your amazing paintcolours!!

    We are renovating our home. The kitchen, living area and braai are are now open plan.
    I want “open space”, not much furniture. Space to move freeling, no more bumping at furniture!☺

    I would love my kitchen cabins painted in vine leaf. Just crazy about this green.

    And now my problem – what colour/s can I paint on my walls – there are beautiful greys and browns – maybe you can help me with some dark and lighter colours. We want to paint the bedrooms and office the same colour as in
    the kitchen, living and braai area etc.

    I have 2 bathrooms – toilet, bath, vanities – all white – maybe a different colour in bathrooms?
    Bahrooms are not very big.
    The tiles on the floor are infinity grey ecotec rectified porcelain floor tiles (790 x 790mm).
    Bathroom tiles are the same as in rest of house.
    It looks beautiful.

    Can you please help me, I have printed al your greys, browns, natural colours – I am more confused than ever.
    I am not afraid to paint dark colurs, I am a bit scared that everything are going to look very dull and boring if we
    chooses the wrong colours, we are looking for that “wow” effect when someone enters our home. Everything has to “gel” together – beautiful.

    This is the first and the last time I am going to renovate my home – I want it to be perfect!
    As we are in construction as well, we know it is very expensive, one must choose carefully. Make sure.

    Thanks for your time to read this, hope you will come back to me with some great ideas.

    Have a lovely day.


    • Hi Elsabé – Thanks for your nice comments and inquiry! It’s very difficult to put together paint colors without seeing photos and learning more about your house. I do offer virtual design services if you wanted to reach out to me via email and maybe we can come up with a package for your specific needs. https://lindamerrill.com/contact/

  2. I just painted my kitchen in SW Acacia Haze. It is really similar to Evergreen Fog but it has a bit more blue in it which makes it look a bit more blue-green. It is absolutely lovely. You should check it out.

  3. Hi – so glad I found this article- thank you!! I’m have many paint samples taped to my hallway walls – Clary Sage is one of them. My hallway is very dark – almost always have to turn the lights on. (May need to add more lighting as well). There are light fixtures at front door, back door and in the middle where entrances to two bedrooms (west facing) are. Do you like the idea of Clary Sage for my hall, of do you have another suggestion?? Thank you!!

    • Hi Judy – it’s very hard to me to say without seeing photos in different lights. But that said – Clary Sage is a brighter more luminous color which will help with a darker hall. Are you using Samplize large scale samples? Those are real paint which is more accurate to judge by than the standard printed paint samples. Better yet is to purchase small pots of paint and create your own. Good luck!

  4. I fell in love with the color as soon as I saw it! I am still living in a grey world but I have accent colors in every room. I have SW Foggy Day in my dining room atop board and batten and Unusual Gray in the office. Evergreen Fog just really meshed with those colors (even though not adjoining) and it’ll go in the den as an accent wall.

  5. So tired of everything grey!!! I am painting a large den and thought Evergreen Fog would be a soft, sophisticated green. Nope. It’s dark and dismal and grey grey grey in my room.

    I wish I could find a green right between Ben Moore October Mist and SW Evergreen Fog. That would be my color of the year!

    • I hear you on the gray front Katid! Getting down to specific shades always requires selecting the color in the room where it’s going. I would just experiment with different colors – maybe Clary Sage is a good choice. Or Willow Tree – take a look at how those look in your den.

    • I never like Sherwin-Williams COTYs when they’re first announced. (And I just retired from that wonderful company in 2022 as a Color Consultant! I loved working there.) But I went to visit an old friend from high school recently and fell in love with her main paint color in the entry and kitchen, and, you guessed it, it was Evergreen Fog! I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. Before I actually saw it on a REAL wall though, I felt the same as you. Now, what about that dreadful 2023 COTY Redend Point? Well, it’s growing on me, but I was so disappointed when the 2024 COTY was announced as Upward!! Enough with the blues already–and that color family has lavender (red) undertones! They never consult me (or you apparently) before they make these decisions. 🙄

      • Hi Rhonda – Thanks for your great comment! I’ve heard from several people how much they like Evergreen Fog. It’s a great example why it’s always so important to test a color where it will be applied. Upward is pretty – but boring enough I didn’t even bother to post about it.

  6. We are building a new home and I would love kitchen cabinets in a great shade of sage. I am staining the island as well as the vent hood. What green would you suggest? Evergreen fog looks too blue/gray to me.

    • Hi Tammy – I’d look at some of the other colors I suggested here like Clary Sage or Willow Tree – it all depends on how things look in the actual space because color changes depending on the light sources, etc. Good luck!

    • Hi Nancy – this is of course why there are so many colors – something for everyone! And the majority of my IG readers agreed with you when I posted my poll. Thanks for your comment, Happy New Year!

  7. We just painted our cabin, and considered using both clary sage and artichoke (among others), but they just didn’t look organic or “earthy” enough, with all the honey oak and stone. We landed on Evergreen Fog (before it was selected as color of the year!). In all honesty, I don’t think I’d choose to use it in my primary home, where we prefer more vivid colors, but in a log cabin it looks amazing!!! (Wish I could upload a picture!)

  8. Haha – well, I like it better than some of the more gray grays to be sure! I think it would make a pretty good exterior color in a fair number of instances, and I think it works as a neutral really well for some spaces, but for me personally, I like the greener and warmer tones! I am definitely on the #tiredofgray train!

  9. Hello Linda, In your renderings, I found the the more green in the paint, the more I liked the color, but the less I liked it for a living room. The grayish green looked better in the living room then the purer greens, but I would prefer another color, even the common off-whites, to almost any shade of gray, of which as you say we have seen enough lately. I think that the Sherwin-Williams (a Cleveland company!) Evergreen Fog is an ok color, depending where it is used.

    • Interesting you don’t like the more saturated greens in a living room. I showed a friend these paint chips and renderings and he had the same reaction. He didn’t love the darker greens as a living room color. I personally love it – but that’s why we have millions of colors!

  10. We just used 2 similar shades (Rodda Paint Horizon and Marble Green, 0454 and 0457) and love the effect on the house. It’s a smidgen less grey than Evergreen Fog; it feels like the moment the sun rises through trees on a bright overcast day. As the light changes through the day, it feels both soothing and uplifting. The yellow accents probably help.

    So perhaps SW was onto something, but slightly missed the tone.

  11. So very tired of a gray {design} world. PLEASE bring back color and imagination. I’m beginning to think that happiness and a little edge has vacated the interior design world. I can appreciate a neutral pallet, but color is NOT the enemy. Brighten your world and enjoy a little something less dismal!


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