Lovely little animals and pet ornaments for your Christmas Tree

How about some lovely little animals and pet ornaments for your Christmas Tree? And not just for the tree!

Linda Merrill Pet ornaments dachshund nativity creche Christmas

I don’t usually do a Christmas tree but a series of wreaths on my front door, over the fireplace and in my bay window as shown above. I have a collection of dachshund ornaments that I’ve added to my crèche which makes me chuckle. Isn’t my nativity scene sweet? It was painted by my Aunt Bette Wasserboehr who was a watercolor artist. She painted these pieces when she was quite young – high school or college when she worked for a local ceramics artist. It’s one of my most treasured things.

Small items like this make for great hostess gifts, stocking stuffers or embellishments on gifts and packages.

I’ve pulled together a group of cute animal and pet ornaments that are so cute! As we know, order early, shipping times are slow! (I’m sort of in shock it’s Thanksgiving this week. (Note that this list includes affiliate links. Purchases made when clicking through these links generates a small commission, at no extra cost to the buyer. This goes to help support this blog. Thank you!)



Newburyport 2020 Holiday House Tour Amesbury Main Street yellow Colonial Seaside Yuletide dory filled with presents

For New England locals – the annual Newburyport Holiday House Tour is taking place on Saturday December 11th from 12-5. As with last year, they are doing an outdoor event with decorated yards and scenes around the Newburyport/Amesbury and Newbury communities. Last year – despite being a rainy day – was a really wonderful event and this years is sure to be the same. You can read all about last year’s event here and purchase tickets for this year here.

But wait! There’s more! I cannot attend this year because my brother will be in from Colorado (haven’t seen him in two years!) so I can’t go this year. I have two tickets that I will be giving away the first week in December. So stay tuned!



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  1. I love your nativity set, Linda – what a treasure to have something so personal and special! I’ve collected and been gifted many bird themed Christmas ornaments, many music themed ornaments, and many tea themed ones as well…bizarre combination, but I love tea, I raised two musicians, and we love watching the antics of the backyard birds, so our tree is very personal – which is as it should be!

  2. Last week I saw two interesting ornaments in one of my favourite local Victoria, BC, stores – a Volkswagon Beetle and a Volkswagon van, both with a Christmas tree on the roof. So cool, especially for someone who may have owned a Volkswagon at some point in their life.

  3. Hello Linda, There is a store in Taipei that sells what apparently are manufacturer’s samples, and at Holiday time they have many blown-glass ornaments, which are pretty cheap, although to tell the truth, I am not too sure about the regular prices. I have seen there every animal imaginable, lions, tigers, octopuses, and of course many types of dogs and cats. Once they had small ornaments of puppies, each a different breed. Although we don’t celebrate Christmas, I got a giraffe for my sister, and a lion for my mother. as they favor those animals. They have more ornaments than you can shake a stick at (although I don’t recommend that). In addition to more traditional forms, I saw robots, space aliens, sumo wrestlers–even one shaped like the State of Ohio, with Cleveland and Columbus marked in!

    • Hi Jim – that’s what I like about ornaments – they can take any shape or size. They can mark Christmas, or just a special interest or memory. A cute small gift for someone, hence my dachshund ornament collection – almost all were gifts!.


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