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The folks at Ever Wallpaper reached out to me about showcasing their beautiful wallpapers and just looking at the homepage, I was in! Ever Wallpaper was founded in the UK but ships world wide. Most papers come in three weights – heavy, medium and peel-and-stick. Wallpapers have been growing in popularity over the last decade after a good twenty years of being decidedly not in vogue. With modern printing technologies, the availability of different weights, customization and even removable papers makes wallpaper a great decorative choice.

This Elegant Queen is the homepage image – such a great visual, no?

elegant-queen-portrait-pattern-wallpaper-mural ever wallpaper

The color palette is fantastic.

elegant-queen-portrait-pattern-wallpaper-mural-bedroom Ever wallpaper

The way the sizing of these Ever Wallpaper murals works is that you enter the height and width of the wall and in real time you will see the crop marks adjust.

Elegant queen sizing


You can even select which part of the paper you wish to order. This over scale marble watercolor look is a great example. An off-center pattern can be trick to work with.

Pinky Red Marble Watercolor ever wallpaper

You enter your room dimensions and also select which part of the pattern you wish to order.

Pinky Red Marble Watercolor sizing 1


You can even flip the image if that layout works better in your particular space.

Pinky Red Marble Watercolor sizing 2


Don’t you just love this application of the In The Forest print?

in-the-forest-wallpaper-bedroom Ever wallpaper

You can even create your own mini Van Gogh experience.

Vincent-van-Gogh-oil-painting-wallpaper-mural-plain Ever wallpaper

A stand out among the Ever Wallpaper patterns are their designs for children. Whimsical, colors and totally fun!

I just love the classic yet adorable Animal Musician.

animals-with-plants-children-wallpaper-mural-plain Ever wallpaper

And who wouldn’t have sweet dreams under this Star Fetcher mural.

bear-moon-and-star-wall-murals-plain Ever wallpaper

This sweet pattern is called Wandering Fox.

Wandering-fox-in-grass-wall-murals-plain Ever wallpaper

And there is this charming pattern called A Sunday Afternoon

animal-park-wallpaper-mural-kids_ room ever wallpaper

which is a sweet take on Seurat’s Sunday on the Isle of La Grande Jatte.

George Seurat “Sunday on the Isle of La Grande Jatte”

I adore an over scale floral pattern and thought this one, aptly called Big Flowers, would be an interesting additional to my Dream Home 2021 bedroom.

10141 flower-wall-wallpaper Ever wallpaper

So, I added it to the wall which faces the bed. How would you feel waking up to this glorious display? I think I’d just stare at it all the time. I haven’t really made too many other decisions in this space other than the general layout. I’m also not sure why that mirror isn’t reflecting the wall behind the bed – which is all windows and drapery.

Linda Merrill Dream Home bedroom Ever wallpaper

Ever Wallpaper provides free digital mockups so you can see how a pattern will look in your own space.  They also do custom papers!


So, do you have any plans on adding a great wallpaper mural accent wall in your home?

This is a sponsored post by Ever Wallpaper. All selections, comments and descriptions are my own.

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  1. The forest wallpaper looks amazing. But the last rose wallpaper pattern sim is a bit too much. The wallpaper design is good, but I would use it on one specific accent wall.

  2. Such a treat seeing these beautiful wallpapers, especially seeing how they look in each room! I truly enjoyed this post and I am so glad you shared their wonderful images! As a former illustrator I loved seeing the artwork, well done!


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