The Saturday List for April 16 2022 – HPMKT Trends Edition

I wasn’t able to make it to Highpoint Market #HPMKT this year but luckily several of my friends and colleagues did and they’ve been busy putting together lists of what they say that was trending from the hundreds of showrooms and thousands of product offerings. So, this week’s Saturday List is all about the trends from Highpoint. Now, a word about trends. Trends do not mean trendy, necessarily. All things trendy are based on trends, but all trends don’t become “trendy”. I think of trendy as something that is really popular right now, but might be a flash in the pan. Gray has been on trend and trendy for several years and it remains so.  However, the trend is leaning back towards more natural colors such as (blah, imho)  beiges and earth tones and lots of texture. It may take a while for these trends to hit the mainstream – some may, some may not become trendy. As with all trends, they only work if they work for you, your home and lifestyle. Don’t just follow the crowd but do keep your eyes and mind open to seeing something new and different that might speak to you in a way you didn’t predict.

Linda Holt Creative Highpoint Color-Trends 2022 Saturday List

Fellow Massachusetts designer and photographer extraordinaire Linda Holt covers Highpoint like none other. Linda regularly leads tours of Highpoint newbies around this massive show – so she’s really got her nose to the ground of what is the next big thing. Plus, she takes amazing photos.

Carla Aston Color+Trends+Highpoint+2022 Saturday List 041622

Texas interior designer Carla Aston showcases the array of colors seen at this years Highpoint Market. Carla is an amazing and seasoned interior designer and leader in the design community so what she sees and finds noteworthy is worth paying attention to!


Sharon Sherman Thyme and Place Design Highpoint Market trends 2022 Saturday List
Highpoint Market Trends from Sharon Sherman/Thyme and Place Design

Sharon Sherman of Thyme and Place Design shares curves, color and other trends at #HPMKT 2022. Sharon Sherman points to all things shapely that are on trend. Big boxy furniture is being replaced by more natural forms.


D'Kor Home High-Point-Market-Trends-Report

Danielle Frazier of D’Kor Home shares her trends list and it’s all about texture! Decoration and design is not just visual, it’s tactile. How something feels to our fingers is often overlooked.

I’d love your thoughts on these trends. If you went to #HPMKT feel free to comment on what you saw, or link to your posts. We’d love to read them!


Trends Highpoint Market 2022 HPMKT Saturday List 04162022 Pin


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