The Saturday List – May 28, 2022

Hello friends. It’s Saturday, we’ve made it to the end of what can only be called a terrible week. Given the horrific massacre in Uvalde, not to mention Buffalo a couple of weeks ago, plus it’s a holiday weekend, I debated postponing this week’s edition of The Saturday List. But, a little diversion isn’t always a bad thing. Plus, I will add some vetted links at the bottom to help the victim’s families, if you’re so inclined.


CBS Sunday morning had a nice piece on Assemblage Arts who create the most amazing wall coverings.

Assemblage arts wallcoverings The Saturday List





Architectural Digest Mitchell Owens article Buckingham Palace The Saturday List

The celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s 70th Platinum Jubilee are ramping up. Here’s a fun one from longtime design writer and AD editor Mitch Owens on How Buckingham Palace Has Changed During Queen Elizabeth’s 70 year reign.


Here’s a real fun one – there is an annual event called Fêtes Galantes at Versailles where attendees dress in period garb and stroll and dance through the amazing halls of the Palace. I heard about it via Brownlee Currey, president of Currey and Company Lighting, who posted photos of his wife Gretchen in her handmade gownery (gown + finery = gownery) who attended this year’s event. What a dream! The event was just this week, so there aren’t too many videos available yet, but here’s a little taste.


Linda Merrill photograph Peonie
Natural Solace – photo by Linda Merrill

UCISD Family Handout Uvalde children and teachers

Praying for the families of these beautiful children and their brave teachers. Also, praying for the family of teacher Irma Garcia (bottom right), whose husband Joe died of a heart attack right after the massacre. They left four children, ages 12-23, behind. Parents without their children (something for which there is no word in the English language) and orphans without their parents. Unfathomable.

We need to ban assault style rifles with high capacity magazines. No, it won’t stop all crimes, but it will sure slow them down. After all – no other country but ours has these atrocities carried out on a regular basis.  Yes, we also need to step up when it comes to mental health services. But that won’t solve the problem alone. All countries have mental health issues. But only in America can troubled souls go out and purchase weapons of mass carnage – legally – on their 18th birthdays then shoot up a school. Or grocery store. Or house of worship. Or… Or… or…

Go Fund Me has created a page with vetted links to the individual fundraisers for these families. Every little bit helps – even just knowing we care will surely bring a drop of solace.


Wishing you all a safe holiday weekend. It’s Memorial Day where we remember those who gave their lives in defense of our country. Let’s all step up and do something in their honor.


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