Bentwood and Bistro Chairs For Cozy Dining

Bentwood and bistro chairs are always a classic. From sidewalk cafes and Paris to small apartments anywhere else – they certainly add a bohemian flare to most any interior or exterior. Perhaps I’ve got the travel bug, but Paris is calling! What is a bentwood chair? Per the Encyclopedia Britannica: Bentwood furniture is made by … Read more

Quirky and Funny Planter Heads

Linda Merrill Nook Cottage hydrangea planter heads a

I’ve been in a gardening state of mind since going on all the house and garden tours recently. I have a yard, but I don’t have the knack (or interest) for gardening.  I don’t have a green thumb for indoor plants either. But, I do love an interesting planter and more specifically planter heads which … Read more

Coastal Getaway New England

Last weekend I took a much needed few days for a coastal getaway up the Massachusetts/New Hampshire and Maine coast. I was attending the Newburyport Kitchen Tour and decided to go up a couple days early. I stayed at The Garrison Inn in Newburyport – a chic boutique hotel I wrote about here. I’d stayed … Read more

Classic Modern Kitchen – Newburyport Tour 2022

I spent a lovely Saturday in my favorite coastal Massachusetts city of Newburyport on a  self-guided tour featuring classic modern kitchen renovations in a variety of homes ranging from newly constructed dwellings to renovated historic residences.  Each of the nine selected homes in the Kitchen Tour 2022 represent the latest in innovation, functionality and design – … Read more