Redend Point – Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2023

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that some form of pink would be the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2023 (#COTY). But Redend Point SW-9081? Now, I love pink. Lots of people don’t like any form of pink, but I’m a big fan. Just not this shade. I’m not a dry desert/dirt sort of person and this is what it looks like to me.  It’s more of a soft brown I think. The color palette that it’s part of is called “Nexus” and is described as this:  “If we look carefully, we find a quiet place of healing, a realm where the energy we give is returned to us tenfold, where the warmth of loving kindness reminds us what it feels like to come home. Enkindle a sense of support and serenity with a potter’s palette of natural clays and sunbaked desert sands, grounding brown, and soft, soulful white.”


Sherwin Williams Redend Point Color Trends 2023

Some key art from the announcement of Sherwin Williams Redend Point as the Color of the Year 2023.


Sherwin Williamed Redend Point COTY 2022 Minimal Calming Intriquing

Minimal.  Calming. Intriguing. Do you feel this? It honestly brings to mind what I thought of in high school when I read “The Grapes of Wrath” and had to consider the symbolism of the description of the red earth. “To the red country and part of the grey country of Oklahoma, the last rains came gently, and they did not cut the scarred earth.” I recall being annoyed that my teacher was asking to find symbolism and all I could think of was – why can’t Steinbeck just be describing the actual color of the dirt in that region of the country? Does literally everything have to be symbolic of something else? (I still believe I’m right!).

Sherwin Williamed Redend Point COTY 2022 room setting

As I said above, I’m not surprised that pink is a prominent color.

Millenial Pink has been popular for a while. It’s not quite as muddy, a little softer and lighter I think. Not as lugubrious as Redend Point.

Millenial Pink



Farrow and Ball’s Setting Plaster is a popular color in this same vein. Setting Plaster is peachier, more of a pale flesh tone than Redend Point. It’s often compared to dirty ace bandages. Also not my favorite color. These images below, taken from F-B’s website, shows just how varied one color can look in different light settings and online, which I discussed here.

Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster

The fabric and wallpaper company McLaurin & Piercy just launched a new collection called Spice Market. As described “Drawing inspiration from the rich history of trade, craft and flora of the Indonesian Islands, Spice Market, is an ode to the traditions and history of these islands”. I think this collection fits in well with the Redend Point / Nexus color palette from Sherwin Williams.

McLeurin Piercy Spice Market

Particularly Meadow in Blush.

Meadow in Blush McLaurin Piercy


And just today, this add for Sarah Jessica Parker’s wallpaper line with Wall Shoppe popped up in my IG feed. I don’t think that wallpaper actually goes with the pale pinks and blushes of the room setting, but that door could definitely be Redend Point, don’t you think?

Wall Shoppe Official SJP Redend Point COTY 2023


And this just in from Kohler and Reese Witherspoon. Sort of in the same muted rose brown color palette. It’s definitely a color that’s in the advertising zeitgeist. And they do their research.

Kohler with Reese Witherspoon Redend Point color


So, I feel like I’m trying to talk myself into liking this shade. I truly can’t imaging using it in a project, but you never know. I don’t hate it like I did last year’s Sherwin Williams COTY 2022 Evergreen Fog.

Speaking of Color’s of the Year, Behr has released theirs, and it couldn’t be more boring. And Benjamin Moore’s will be announced in October. For 2022, Benjamin Moore selected October Mist, which was very much like SW’s 2022 Evergreen Fog? Who wants to place bets that BM will also have a pink tone COTY?

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8 thoughts on “Redend Point – Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2023”

  1. I’m not surprised that the Color of the Year for 2022 is the polar opposite of last year’s Color of the Year.

    Who writes those descriptions? Minimal? Calming? Intriguing? Definitely not. Just looking at Redened Point makes my heart pound. I’m okay with Setting Plaster. And I’m okay with the other browns. But I can’t imagine Redened Point in anything bigger than a powder room.

  2. I think Redend Point might look ok if it is used with a lot of white and when it is fresh and new but I know I would tire of it quickly. Honestly it reminds me of an old school or library hallway.

  3. I must comment Linda, and it’s not about the Color of the Year – I’m pretty sure that you’re the only high schooler that actually read The Grapes of Wrath as opposed to the rest of us who borrowed raggedy dog-eared Cliff Notes. 🙂

    • Haha. I recall liking the book. I just was so annoyed that we were supposed to be looking for the symbolism in everything. What did the red earth symbolize? Maybe because I’m a visual person I just kept asking – why does it have to be a symbol of something? Why couldn’t it just be a description on the actual place?? I’m pretty sure I annoyed my English teacher!


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