Summer’s End Beach House Design

Summers End Beach house dollhouse moodboard

Yes – it’s a new dollhouse project! Summer’s End Beach House! I had so much fun with my Georgian dollhouse that I couldn’t wait to start the second project. After thinking about doing a Boston brownstone style townhouse I switched gears and decided it was the perfect time of year for a cute little beach house.

While you may think – what do dollhouses have to do with interiors? Many (especially in the US) tend to be fusty old Victorian inspired miniature homes. But that doesn’t at all interest me. I want to create scale miniatures of what could be a real home – designed and decorated as if I were doing it for myself or a client.

I’m still new to building but am so enjoying the process. We do so much online these days – and now all the talk about the Metaverse – I have been in need to creating something physical with my own hands and not just virtual.

Madison dollhouse image

I came across a listing on Facebook marketplace for this vintage dollhouse kit – the Madison which is discontinued. The listing said the box had never been opened – which wasn’t strictly true I discovered once I received the package. But it was at least 99% complete. (Better than the free kit I drove an hour each way on a Sunday to pick up that was listed as “mostly” complete – it was missing all the important stuff but did have an empty candy wrapper mixed in with the pieces and parts!) Buyer beware on FB marketplace!

Madison dollhouse parts

Back to the dollhouse kit… pieces and parts of mediocre wood. Oh well!

Summers End beach house dollhouse early build

As you can see – it’s one big room on the first floor and a tiny attic space on the 2nd – which I’m calling a “sleeping loft”. The house is 24IN Wide by 9IN D with 9IN ceiling height on the first floor.  This is a 1:12 scale house – so it’s 24FT Wide by 9FT D x 9FT H in human scale terms. On the second floor I’m adding knee walls to create a more realistic bedroom. The first floor will have a lavatory (sort of), small but full kitchen and sitting area with fireplace. There will also be a front porch and I’ll be building an enclosed outdoor shower on the side of the house. Who doesn’t love an outdoor shower? I loved the one at my Grandparents house on Cape Cod. I can literally remember the smell of the shampoo and soap.

As for the style and color palette – I’m not a big fan of traditional beach houses with signs that point to the beach. I decided to take inspiration from the pinks and beiges of drying hydrangeas at the end of the summer. That’s also my favorite time of the season – the days are still warm and long but the evenings start getting nippy.

So – Summer’s End is the name of my dollhouse beach house.


hydrangea closeup

Aren’t these just so gorgeous?

Here are my initial renderings. I’m going to shingle the exterior (I haven’t added the front porch or the  outdoor shower in the rendering obviously)

062023 Summers End beach house dollhouse exterior

And this is my overall concept for the first floor. I’m really striving for a pale and calming palette.

062023 Summers End beach house dollhouse straight on 1st floor

I love deVol kitchens and found their Sebastian Cox line of cabinets to be the perfect inspiration for the kitchen cabinetry.

deVol Sebastian Cox kitchen cabinetry

The kitchen will have a 24IN induction cooktop and oven below. The refrigerator and freezer drawers are in the island along with the sink. No dishwasher or microwave.

062023 Summers End beach house dollhouse kitchen

The living room side of Summer’s End dollhouse beach house has a sofa and built-in seating flanking an “electric” fireplace and tv above. The TV is admittedly too high for real life but will try to angle it downwards if I can. ( I try really hard to make things as accurate as possible!)

062023 Summers End beach house dollhouse living room

Actual paint colors and fabrics are all TBD but I’m liking how this is coming out. Not sure of the horizontal shiplap along with the vertical paneling. What do you think?


062023 Summers End beach house dollhouse towards fireplace

There is more room on each side of the sofa than looks in the image above.

There’s no room for a table and chairs and while I don’t love sitting on bar stools it’s a handy choice in this small space. I have on order a cute white metal bistro set that will go on the front porch for table seating.

062023 Summers End beach house dollhouse towards bathroom

As I mentioned, the bathroom is on the first floor and will be integrated into the added outdoor shower space (somehow – haven’t worked that part out yet!)

A friend sent me some vintage dollhouse furniture she had from childhood and gave me permission to refinish/refurbish as needed. I am using a small dresser with mirror and turning it into the bathroom vanity.

Dollhouse miniature dresser and mirror

How sweet is this??? I will be painting (TBD) and making a vessel sink with Sculpee polymer clay (well, hopefully I’ve never done it before) and adding a faucet.

Dollhouse bathroom with dresser and mirror

It’s going to be a little “Peek-a-boo” space. Hopefully there will be a light which I have on order.

062023 Summers End beach house dollhouse powder room


So this is as far as I’ve gotten. The second floor will have two twin beds/king size bed and a side table and light. That’s pretty much all the space there is.

I promise I won’t spam my blog with dollhouse updates but look forward to showing the final results in a couple of months! Right around Summer’s End! I am posting in process photos on Instagram if you follow me there.

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Summers End Beach house dollhouse moodboard

8 thoughts on “Summer’s End Beach House Design”

  1. How nice of your friend to pass on her antique furnishings. Every room needs a tad bit of vintage! I loved your first dollhouse, I can’t wait for the reveal of this dollhouse.

  2. Absolutely love seeing the artist in you tackle this project! I can see why you were inspired by such sweet colors, and love the cabinetry (I would install the ship lap vertically so they don’t conflict) I can’t wait to see the finished product and hope you will post images along the way!

  3. This is going to be just adorable, Linda! You are incredible! Also not a fan of the beach-this-way summer cottage vibe, so I love your inspiration. So fun to see the renderings, and the name is just perfect!

    • Thanks Janet – I got push-back on the name from some people. But those are the people who are sad when the summer ends. I on the other hand am very happy to see it go!

  4. I love this! You are something, Linda…I can’t imagine working in such a small (tiny?) space! We had an enormous doll house when I was growing up: it had been made for my Mother in about 1930? And the furnishings. Well. Old fashioned white stove, in metal of course, and then an adorable four poster bed with real horse hair mattress. And on and on. My sister and I loved it. Then my brothers came along and pretty much wrecked it. Such a shame. We left it in my Mother’s house when she sold it and was no longer able to make any decisions. I wonder what the new owners did with it???

    • That is a shame about your Mom’s dollhouse! Maybe the new owners could make use of it or they sold it to someone who went on to love it. There’s lots of vintage ones sold on places like FB Marketplace.


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