Bold Powder Rooms – Small Spaces, Huge Impact

The powder room, often overlooked in terms of design, is a hidden gem in your home that can make a huge impact with relatively lower effort and cost. One of the most effective ways to transform this often small and utilitarian space into a stylish oasis is by incorporating bold wallpapers. With their ability to add personality, drama, and a unique touch, bold wallpapers can completely revamp the look and feel of your powder room. It’s also a great way to dip your toe into the pool of bold design with less stress because A) it’s a space you’re not looking at all the time and B) it’s relatively less expensive than a larger space.


Linda Merrill Bathroom Les Touches bold powder room wallpaper
Design & Photo: Linda Merrill
Harrison Newburyport Kitchen tour 2022 powder room with block print wallpaper bold powder room
Seen on Newburyport Kitchen tour 2022 | Photo by Linda Merrill


Color of the Month Black and White Wilson Kelsey Design Michael J Lee Photo Black and White Bathroom Cowtan Tout Wallpaper sconce
Wilson Kelsey Design | Michael J Lee Photo


Newburyport Holiday House Tour 2022 High Road 13 powder room palmetto wallpaper
Seen on Newburyport Holiday House Tour | Photo by Linda Merrill


7 1850 Federalist Newburyport House Tour 2023 bathroom red pink wallpaper white kitchens
Seen on Newburyport Holiday House Tour | Photo by Linda Merrill

A textural grass cloth wallpaper always makes a handsome statement.

212 High Street bathroom 1 Christmas Holiday House Tour 2018
Seen on Newburyport Holiday House Tour | Photo by Linda Merrill

And for fun – work is ongoing on my little dollhouse beach house Summer’s End – including a powder room with a bold wallpaper!

Linda Merrill Summer's End dollhouse bold powder room
Linda Merrill’s Dollhouse “Summer’s End” beach house bold powder room


Tips about bold powder rooms:

1. Choose the Right Pattern: Consider the existing elements in your powder room, such as fixtures, lighting, and flooring, when selecting a wallpaper pattern. Make sure the pattern complements these elements rather than clashes with them.

2. Consider Scale: The scale of the pattern matters. In smaller powder rooms, larger patterns might dominate the space, while smaller patterns can create a more intricate look.

3. Don’t Forget About Color: The color of your wallpaper should harmonize with the overall color palette of the room. You can choose a wallpaper that matches existing colors or one that adds a pop of contrasting color for visual interest.

4. Balance with Accessories: Bold wallpapers are attention-grabbing, so balance the space with well-chosen accessories that complement the wallpaper. This could include matching or contrasting towels, soap dispensers, and artwork.

5. Professional Installation: For the best results, consider hiring a professional wallpaper installer. Their expertise will ensure that the wallpaper is applied seamlessly and without any issues.

A powder room might be small, but its potential for design impact is enormous. Bold wallpapers can turn this functional space into a stylish retreat that reflects your personality and design sensibilities. By carefully selecting the right pattern, color, and accessories, you can create a powder room that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who enters. So, don’t hesitate to explore the world of bold wallpapers and transform your powder room into a design masterpiece.


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Bold Powder Rooms Small Spaces Huge Impact

7 thoughts on “Bold Powder Rooms – Small Spaces, Huge Impact”

  1. Love love love a bold powder room, and wallpaper is my go-to favorite way to get that! These are all such great examples – thanks for the inspo! Also, the Summers End powder room is totally fabulous!

  2. Hello Linda, I agree with you that powder rooms can be fun and colorful, but don’t overdo it! Today some half baths are patterned and ornate to the point of dizziness. The palms leaves and corkscrew topiaries in this post made me uncomfortable, as can strong patterns such as bold chevrons and certain geometrics. People must remember that dizzying patterns can give some people migraines or even worse.
    Having said that, I love the grass cloth idea, especially combined with the gold frames and red berries, and also the flowered paper in your dollhouse. The latter is a good example of a pattern the might overwhelm in a large area, but will look attractive in a bath or vestibule. I also love the porcupine mirror–it is almost too good to hide in a powder room!
    You should make a tiny “Not for Public Use” sign for your dollhouse powder room. You never know what kind of riff-raff dolls might come by and make a shambles of that attractive room.

  3. Redoing our “small log cabin bathroom” as I write this. My “grabber” is a mottled copper slipper tub w/side wall solid Cambria. Hubs is making a black picture frame (I’m doing edges in copper paint) that will…frame it! Gorgeous “round tray” will hang from chain from umbered copper ceiling as…finish touch…coming soon…franki


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