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The Holiday is one of those movies that when it’s on, I put down the clicker and just watch – even though its full of timeline, plot and story problems. But, despite these issues, it’s still fun. And The Holiday sets are always, always winning!

The Holiday English Cottage

The Holiday English Cottage First Floor

The Holiday English Cottage living room Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet eclectic floral velvet

The Holiday English Cottage living room florals Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

The Holiday English cottage living room velvet tufted ottoman florals Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet


The Holiday English Cottage first floor view florals comfy Kate Winslet Cameron Diaz

See what I mean about eclectic? Clearly, the decor is meant to evoke a sense of history, flea market pieces, comfortable and not terribly expensive. This as opposed to the Amanda’s (Cameron Diaz) LA House which is tailored and neutral, much like Amanda.

English Cottage Kitchen

The Holiday English Cottage kitchen Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

The Holiday English Cottage kitchen pale blue cabinet wicker table Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet


The Holiday English Cottage Second Floor

The Holiday English Cottage bedroom Kate Winslet Cameron Diaz

The Holiday English cottage bedroom is warm and cozy, filled with mismatched antique and vintage pieces. The iconic brass bed was provided by Craig Spencer of Cathouse Beds – a true and one-of-a-kind antique.

The Holiday bedroom brass bed Cameron Diaz

But Amanda certainly wasn’t warm, regardless!

The Holiday Cameron Diaz copper bathtub country house

Too tall for the tub!

The Holiday English Cottage Get That Look Boutique

  1. Cozy and Quaint: The English country cottage in the movie is characterized by its cozy and quaint design. It features low ceilings, exposed wooden beams, and stone walls that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Rustic Charm: The decor emphasizes rustic charm with vintage and antique furnishings. Expect to see well-worn, shabby-chic furniture, such as mismatched chairs, distressed wooden tables, and vintage floral prints.
  3. Warm Color Palette: The color palette is typically warm and comforting, with earthy tones dominating the decor. You’ll find soft, muted colors like creams, pastel blues, and soft pinks, creating a soothing ambiance.
  4. Fireplace Focal Point: A prominent fireplace with a rustic mantel and a crackling fire is often the focal point of the cottage’s living area. This not only adds to the cozy feel but also serves as a central gathering spot.
  5. Country Cottage Details: Various decorative elements, such as floral curtains, cozy throws, and decorative china, contribute to the cottage’s English country charm. It’s all about creating a homely and inviting atmosphere for the characters and the audience.

The cottage’s decor in “The Holiday” plays a significant role in setting the tone for the film and creating a romantic and idyllic backdrop for the story.

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The Holiday LA House

For The Holiday LA house, Director Nancy Meyers and Production Designer Jon Hutman created an interior filled with fairly traditional furnishings in a simple white, gray and black color palette, creating an air of contemporary elegance. The exterior house, set in Brentwood in the movie, was actually the home of famous California architect Wallace Neff, which he designed for himself in 1928. It’s located in San Marino, a suburb of Pasadena.

The Holiday LA House Wallace Neff Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet Wisteria
The Holiday LA House designed by famed architect Wallace Neff

 The interiors were created on a sound stage. Interestingly, the online “chat” about this stage set called it contemporary, but I think it’s really more an updated traditional look (and not unlike their set for Diane Keaton’s home in “Something’s Gotta Give“). Most of the furniture is pretty classic looking, covered in simple cotton slip covers. Several of the chairs, sofas and even the bed have “wings”, creating a soft, comfortable look.

I do have to say, I’ve never seen so much seating in an actual interior. The kitchen looks like it could seat 12-14 people – between the table, the counter seating and some upholstered pieces. The living room has a day bed/chaise, sofa and several arm chairs. By virtue of the fact that this house is so significantly larger than the The Holiday English Country House, there are actually a ton more photos to share.


The Holiday LA House front hall stairs sisal carpet Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

The staircase in the foyer features “Gretchen” by Robert Longo.

 First Floor

The Holiday LA House living room front hall Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

Since the movie premiered in 2006 (I’m updating this post in 2022) I think our interiors have simplified a little. So, while everything in this living room would still look fresh and modern today, it’s a bit overly jammed packed and “styled” looking, don’t you think?

The Holiday LA House livingroom slipcovered sofa Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

This long cross hall with the wall of windows has always been one of my favorite views in this house.

The Holiday LA House First floor hallway Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

I’m not sure we ever saw the inside of the room off the hall with the brown walls. I wonder if they only decorated the part we saw? Probably.

The Holiday LA House console table hallway Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

Entering into the kitchen area.

The Holiday LA House first floor Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet


The Holiday LA House Kitchen Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

The Holiday LA House Kitchen 2 Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet


The Holiday LA House Kitchen counter slipcovered stools Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

It’s kind of surprising how wrinkled the slip covers are on the dining room chairs, isn’t it? But don’t you want to see what’s outside the windows?

The Holiday LA House Dining room slipcovered chairs Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

LA House Second Floor

The Holiday LA House bedroom upholstered headboard Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

The bedroom where Kate Winslet’s character slept – a lot.

The Holiday LA House Sitting room slipcovered sofa Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

A pretty little moment, though am not sure where in the house this was.

The Holiday LA House Sitting area blue chairs blue drapery white walls Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

The Holiday big ass media room. Love the line up of cozy looking chaise lounges.

The Holiday LA House media room Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

And the bathroom with the cool storage cabinets and gardens beyond.

The Holiday LA House bathroom freestanding bathtub Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

The Holiday LA House Backyard and Pool

The Holiday LA House pool area Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

Who can forget the vision of Iris jumping with joy when she ran outside and saw this pool?!

The Holiday LA House Get That Look Boutique

  1. Modern Elegance: The LA home features a modern and sleek design. It often includes clean lines, minimalist furniture, and a sophisticated color palette, creating an elegant and upscale atmosphere.
  2. Open Concept Layout: The layout of the home typically includes open spaces, large windows, and glass doors that allow plenty of natural light to flood in. This design maximizes the connection with the beautiful California surroundings.
  3. Neutral Color Scheme: The color scheme is often neutral and subdued, with a focus on whites, grays, and cool tones. This palette contributes to the sense of modernity and sophistication.
  4. Luxurious Details: The decor may incorporate luxurious details such as high-end artwork, designer furniture, and stylish accessories. Expect to see contemporary art pieces and statement furniture.
  5. Indoor-Outdoor Living: Given the California setting, the LA home often blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. There may be a seamless transition to outdoor spaces like a pool area or a garden, further enhancing the overall sense of luxury and relaxation.

The LA home’s decor in “The Holiday” serves as a striking contrast to the English cottage, reflecting the character’s high-end lifestyle and the glitz and glamour of Southern California.

(Please note this boutique includes affiliate links. A small commission is paid on any sales via these links at no additional cost to the buyer. This helps support this blog, thank you!)


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  1. Hello I just finished watching The holiday and I love the color of the brown curtain panels at her LA home would you happen to know the specific color and where I can find them please

  2. Hello! What paint color is used on these blue cabinets? My husband and I would love to use the same color in our kitchen! Thank you!!

    • Hi Christen – I’m afraid I don’t know the color of the cabinets. I would suggest looking at similar colors in your preferred paint brand and then testing them in your kitchen to see how the paint looks in the light there.

  3. Linda:

    I never saw this movie but will have to watch it this holiday season. And that kitchen? The coziest I’ve ever seen. I love it.

    • Hi,
      Latecomer here as I just finally recently watched the movie. I found your blog post, because I was intrigued by the furnishings in the cottage, after realizing how much our tv console looks like the cabinet where Iris kept the blankets. The main difference is ours is built low and wider vs tall and narrow.

  4. I am actually looking for the LIBRO poster in Jude Law (Graham)’s house/library when Amanda shows up unexpectedly. Any ideas where I can find one? Please help, I have searched and searched!

  5. I love your blog!

    Can’t wait to see the “Next Up” Get That Look for Cameron Diaz’s LA digs. I love that look.

    Thank you!

  6. We minions could at least identify with Kate’s cottage in the movie, though I have no illusions that the furniture is costly. Very nicely done.


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