Interior Design Color Trends for 2024

Happy New Year!

I am seeing so much more color in interior design and it makes me so happy! I will start by saying – even though I’m writing about interior design color trends 2024 – I don’t believe one should slavishly follow trends to feel “cool” or “in the know”.  Just because Barbie Pink has been huge in the last year – it doesn’t mean it’s right for very many people. That all said – there are rising trends which I’ve noted across the many platforms, magazines and posts I read and I did want to highlight some of my favorites.  I was originally going to do a wide group of Interior Design Trends in one post but have decided to split these posts into separate categories of design – so more on those to come!

I’m starting with color because it’s the area most driven by trends and is a relatively easy thing to manipulate – from wall colors to accessories and more.

There are also long standing hot trends which are finally diminishing – such as all the gray walls which totally need painting.

So – in no particular order – here are the hot interior design color trends for 2024:

Interior design color trends 2024: BROWNS

Linda Merrill interior design color trends 2024 a_modern_bedroom_with_warm_toned_brown_and_red

Luxe Interior + Design declared that brown “Shades of brown reigned supreme across Highpoint 2023 market”. Sunset Magazine writes “We are also seeing excitement in the design community for the warm side of the color wheel—painting cabinets and walls in rich, complex hues like aubergine, cherry, marigold, and cocoa or taupe-y brown.” Drew Scott of Lone Fox has fully embraced the moody dark brown trend and in many ways is driving it as well on his super popular social media channels.

I just love the warmer comforting color palette. Last year I was asked by Fixr my thoughts on color trends and happy to see I was right!

Fixr Color 2023 Linda Merrill quote

Fixr has recently released their 2024 Paint and Color Trends Report. What were my thoughts?

2024 Color trends


Interior design color trends 2024: WARM NEUTRALS

Linda Merrill interior design color trends 2024 cozy_neutral_kitchen_in_the_d2a8ec99-262e-4baf-ac9a-cd5973e62ba4

While I do believe that the all white kitchen will remain a staple in design we are certainly seeing a return to a warmer neutral palette across the home. Cozy is in! My favorite kitchen company deVOL specializes in this simple English aesthetic with warm color palettes. Veranda Magazine listed “Warming Neutrals” as a color trend – one reason because the rise of LED lighting tends to be cooler – so the warmer tones in finishes is a nice counterbalance to the cooler lighting. Elle Decor says that these warm neutrals are reminiscent of the 90’s Tuscan inspired palettes. I don’t think the overdone theme-y Tuscan look that was so popular is coming back itself – but a little more earthiness is a good thing in my book.

I even designed my dollhouse beach house kitchen (still a work in progress!) around this aesthetic.

062023 Summers End beach house dollhouse kitchen


Interior design color trends 2024: SOFT GREENS

Linda Merrill interior design color trends 2024 soft greens _a_traditional_dining_room

Since I was a little girl my favorite color has been green – mostly the soft sage color range. But really any green works for me. Wallpaper company Graham and Brown announced their color of the year for 2024 to be Veridis – a soft rich shade of green and Elle Decor shows Sage Green as one of their trend picks. And 1st Dibs annual designer survey shows that sage greens are ascendent.

Colors of the Year for 2024

And what of the official Colors of the Year for 2024 from the various paint companies and the big daddy of them all Pantone?


Pantone declared Peach Fuzz to be their color of the year for 2024. It’s important to remember that Pantone color encompass more than just interiors but also fashion, accessories, paper products and so much more. But I am not seeing it taking hold in interiors except maybe small powder rooms like this one I did nearly 20 years ago (hence the bad photo)!

Linda Merrill powder room in peach with green a

However – pale peach and brown is a lovely combination:

Linda Merrill interior design color trends 2024 elegant_powder_room


Sherwin Williams selected Upward as their 2024 color of the year.

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2024 Upward

A pale blue that mixes well with lighter wood tones to keep it modern and fresh.

Linda Merrill Color design trends 2024 casual_family_room

Benjamin Moore named Blue Nova as their 2024 color of the year.

Benjamin Moore Color of the year 2024 Blue Nova

I think this blue is always a winning color in many different settings. It leans slightly purple which keeps it from being too dark or

Linda Merrill interior design color trends 2024 classic_style_bathroom Benjamin Moore Blue Nova


S0 what do you think? Are you motivated to make some colorful changes?

interior design color trends 2024 pin

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8 thoughts on “Interior Design Color Trends for 2024”

  1. Yay for color! The blue bathroom is reminiscent of Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen blue. Always a classic. I am so happy to see green and a return to nature. Goodbye grey!

  2. I really love that brown/burnt orange combo, and the peach/brown one too. I’m not normally attracted to brown walls, but I guess it all depends on what you put with it. I’d love to repaint our living and dining rooms something a bit more kicky than the pale rosy color they are currently. I’m thinking a sage for the DR, but darker than pastel, and an adobe shade for the living room.

  3. Great recap of the color trends, Linda, and YAY for more COLOR! I too am glad to see the all-gray-and-white-all-the-time trend has finally worn out its welcome as the default color palette. And I totally agree that color should be personal and trends are interesting to watch but should not dictate what is right for any individual situation!


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