Pleated Lampshades – Trending in 2024

One small but impactful trend I’ve been noticing is the return of cute pleated lampshades. I’ve always loved them and am so happy to see them make a return – as we move away from all white and gray interiors there’s room for layering and nothing says layered like a pleated lampshade!


Linda Merrill pleated lampshades blue and white marble kitchen with pleated lampshades over the island AI rendering
Kitchen rendering by Linda Merrill using AI

Now – I know that many will question a pleated lampshade in a kitchen and it’s not for everyone. But this is such a sweet look over the island! I wouldn’t do it if there was a cooktop in the island of course. Regular cleaning is a must – so again – not for everyone! At the end of the post is a link to an article on techniques for cleaning pleated lampshades.

The Holiday English Cottage bedroom Kate Winslet Cameron Diaz
The Holiday movie English Cottage bedroom

Of course – The Holiday movie cottage is a classic for the pleated lampshade on the right side of the bed.


Linda Merrill pleated lampshades English country cottage style with florals and plaids ai rendering
Sitting room rendering by Linda Merrill using AI

I think pleated lampshades just make an interesting lamp sing.


Linda Merrill pleated lampshades traditional green plaid bedroom with overscale lampshade ai rendering
Bedroom rendering by Linda Merrill using AI

So this could be considered an AI fail what with the wildly overscale pleated lampshade – but I don’t know. It’s kind of fun, no? I guess if only used on one side of the bed. Both sides would be too much.


Pro Tips for selecting the right pleated lampshades:

  1. Proportions with Pleats: Consider how the pleats affect the overall size and shape of the lampshade. Pleats can add volume, so be mindful of the balance between the pleats and the lamp base. If the lamp has intricate details, choose a pleated shade that complements rather than overwhelms.
  2. Height Matters: Pay attention to the height of the pleated lampshade. Ensure that it covers the bulb and socket but doesn’t extend beyond the top of the lamp base. The pleats can create an elegant visual effect, so finding the right height is crucial for maintaining a harmonious look.
  3. Pleat Style: Pleated lampshades come in various styles, such as box pleats, knife pleats, or accordion pleats. The style of pleating can impact the overall aesthetic. For a classic and timeless look, consider traditional box pleats. Experiment with different styles to find what complements your lamp and decor.
  4. Light Diffusion: Think about the purpose of the lamp. If it’s for ambient lighting, a pleated lampshade can create a beautiful diffusion of light. However, if the lamp is primarily for task lighting, ensure that the pleats don’t obstruct the light too much. Test the shade with the lamp turned on to see how it diffuses the light in your space.
  5. Material and Color: The material of the pleated lampshade can affect its appearance. Silk or fabric pleated shades add a touch of luxury, while paper or linen may offer a more casual feel. Additionally, consider the color of the pleats and how it complements the overall color scheme of the room. Pleats can create interesting shadows, so choose a color that enhances the desired ambiance.


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A now a little boutique of cute pleated lampshades. (This boutique includes affiliate link.  A small commission is paid when purchasing via these links at no additional cost to the buyer. This goes to help support this blog. Thank you!):


14 thoughts on “Pleated Lampshades – Trending in 2024”

  1. I can visualize a gorgeous reading nook with one of these hanging above a large, extra-comfortable reading chair…what an interesting trend to see unfold, thank you for sharing so many possible applications!!

  2. Good morning, Linda. I love pleated lampshades, and your AI generated examples of how they can look in various environments are so pretty! Thanks for the informative and educational post.

  3. Linda, Wonderful post. I am a collector of lamps, especially Baldwin Brass and Stifel. I am now believing I need to update my shades. They are beautiful. Thank you, Sherry B

  4. Oh your room renderings are so beautiful Linda! A breath of fresh air and charm for us while waiting out the dreary month of February. I think that pleated shades in the kitchen are worth the cleaning effort. 🙂

  5. Great topic, Linda! And I love that you’ve covered cleaning them too! Pleated lampshades are such a pretty texture addition to the layers in a well designed room. I love all your examples 😍

  6. Hello Linda, I wasn’t aware that pleated shades were out, but you have shown us some fresh and interesting ways of using them. I was concerned about the kitchen shades, but you covered that worry nicely. Your article caused me to look around my apartment but right now I have no lampshades at all! We often find antique lamps very cheap, but getting new shades can be terribly expensive, so it is important to select wisely, and I think your modern take on pleats is one that could be well considered, adding interest to a lamp without necessarily making it too fussy.


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