Wonderful Wicker and Rattan for Spring and Summer

linda merrill ai design contemporary_soft_pink_living_room_with_a_rattan_chai_wicker and rattan

As spring blossoms and summer warmth beckon, it’s time to embrace the natural allure of wicker and rattan in your home décor. These timeless materials effortlessly infuse spaces with a sense of airy sophistication and laid-back charm, making them perfect companions for the brighter seasons ahead. But first – a lesson: What is the difference … Read more

The Romance of Outdoor Dining

Linda Merrill design by AI a_beautiful_outdoor_dining_table

It’s early April here in New England – that time when winter coats are still needed despite our desire for spring – and galoshes – because it will not stop raining! There was even snow this week! Okay, in truth once it gets warm I’ll immediately go into “it’s a little bit hot” mode. New … Read more