Summer’s End Beach House Dollhouse Kitchen


Nearly a year ago I started planning my next dollhouse build project and shared the plans here. After a bit of an unexpected delay due to the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, I have been able to get back to my build and substantially completed the dollhouse kitchen this week!

A reminder of the inspiration and color palette. Drying hydrangeas set the color palette and the name “Summer’s End”.


I just love, love DeVol kitchens (have you watched For The Love of Kitchens on various streaming platforms? So good!) I decided to use their Sebastian Cox line of cabinets for my dollhouse kitchen – in part because I thought I could make them (harder to get right than they look!) and I wanted a more rustic and clean look for my tiny kitchen build. There is a feature in the latest House Beautiful magazine with a modern beach house kitchen featuring this line as well. Great minds!

DeVol Sebastian Cox cabinets
DeVol’s Sebastian Cox kitchen cabinet line

Et voila!

Linda Merrill Dollhouse Beachhouse kitchen island


Linda Merrill Dollhouse Beachhouse kitchen cabinets with view to bathroom

Forgive the dishes drying!

Linda Merrill Dollhouse Beachhouse Kitchen cabinets pink green purple

And the bathroom!

Linda Merrill Dollhouse Beachhouse bathroom pink purple green

Beachhouse Kitchen Inspiration:

Cabinets are inspired by @devolkitchens Sebastian Cox cabinet line.
Appliances: @miele_com
Counters: @cambriasurfaces Hawkridge quartz
Floor: @villalagoontile Mambo Autentico
Backsplash: @villalagoontile Zellige in Dogwood
Wallpaper in Bathroom: @schumacher1889 Viburnum
Design, labor, construction: 🦺 @linda_merrill

And so I begin the next phase which is the living room side of the open floorpan house:


I did just put in some orders of a bunch of fun items from a couple of different Etsy dealers including the tall wall shelves into which I’ll build the seating, the console table behind the sofa, bar stools and a coffee maker for the kitchen! I’m trying to balance what I can build (relatively well) with trying to speed things up since I lost so much time. This was meant to be finished by Summer’s End 2023 not 2024! I will build the fireplace/tv wall and shiplap the walls. And will try to make a sofa. That will be the biggest challenge – no question!

A reminder of the front exterior – this was early in my build before I shingled – there’s a cute covered porch I’ve built but not yet attached.

Linda Merrill dollhouse beachhouse exterior porch in progress

And the shingled view. The shingling was hard to get right. Not perfect but not a total embarrassment!

Linda Merrill beachhouse dollhouse exterior shingled

I was down on the Cape last summer and came across this perfect example of the look I want for my house in Centerville MA near Craigville beach. Now – if I could only figure out how to “age” my shingles to a nice weathered gray… Leave it out on the deck in the sun?

Linda Merrill photo shingled beach house Centerville MA pink shutters

So – that’s the latest. More to come!

I highly recommend being a “maker” – it doesn’t need to be perfect. It doesn’t even need to be good. But the joy and calmness I feel just being in the moment (not looking at a screen) and working through the  details of how to make things and getting them close to right – it’s such a balm for the soul. We all spend too much time on screens doom scrolling.

Linda Merrill beach house dollhouse kitchen pin

7 thoughts on “Summer’s End Beach House Dollhouse Kitchen”

  1. I’ve been waiting for your newest dollhouse reveal Linda! It’s so charming and I adore your pendants in the kitchen. I’m glad that you are better enough to get back to being a maker. I agree that we should all get more hands-on and create. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Wow Linda ! It came out so wonderfully! I bet Sebastian Cox himself would be so happy to see how he inspired you..and I already know that Devol Kitchens left you a comment..and what a thrill that was for you.

    You’ve done such a superb job on this, and I can’t wait to see how the living area in the open floor plan turns out next.

    Congratulations for finishing the kitchen, despite your health setbacks, and I’m glad to know you’re at the point where you can continue to finish it now, and how relaxing it is for you to be in the moment – making vs. scrolling.

  3. I am loving seeing your dollhouse posts and what you are able to accomplish, every part of what you are doing is truly amazing! We have a dollhouse sitting dormant and I look forward to working on it in the future, your posts are certainly inspiring me!


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