Working spaces: Mudrooms, laundry rooms and dog washing stations

By Linda Merrill | September 14, 2021 | 6 Comments

Hello! As I’m putting the finishing touches on the multi-hyphenate Dream Home 2021 Mudroom-Laundry room-Dog washing station-Pantry-Guest resources space (I know, a mouthful!) I wanted to share some of my inspirations images for this hardworking space. This is the true working room of the house that as you will see which needs to serve multiple … Read more

Project Peek: Mid-Century Modern Deck House Black Paint selections

By Linda Merrill | September 2, 2021 | 15 Comments
Nashoba deck house unpainted black paint

Hello! I wanted to share a project peek of my mid-century deck house project – we’re painting the house black! We are currently in the process of making the final black paint decision, but I wanted to share some of my inspiration images and the paint colors we’re currently looking at. First, I just love … Read more

A Dream Kitchen – Dream Home 2021 Room Reveal

By Linda Merrill | August 13, 2021 | 20 Comments
081021 LMDS Dream Home 2021 Dream Kitchen Cooking Wall

Hello! I’m happy to finally share the LMDS Dream Home 2021 Dream Kitchen! If you’re new here – you can read the origins of this virtual design project here. This is the second fully completed space in this 4,600 sq. ft. home (plus 600 sq. ft. pool/guest house and 900 sq. ft. deck). I’m nearly … Read more

Ode to the Soulful Kitchen

By Linda Merrill | August 4, 2021 | 8 Comments
Linda Merrill Dream Home Kitchen in process soulful kitchen

Crisp white kitchens are a classic and it’s not surprising that they have been incredibly popular for nearly two decades and show little sign of giving up the top spot. My post on the movie decor of Something’s Gotta Give is still one of my Top 10 visited posts and it came out in 2003! … Read more

New! Email Design Consultation Service!

By Linda Merrill | August 2, 2021 | 0 Comments

Hello! I’m always trying to figure out the best way of helping you find bliss in your homes. Sometimes, you’re looking for a full scale bespoke design and sometimes they live in another time zone and virtual design services fill the bill. But what happens when you’re DIYing it and you just need a quick … Read more

Meet the Makers: Odyssey Artisans

By Linda Merrill | July 23, 2021 | 11 Comments

Hello –  I hope your week is going well! I want to introduce you to Odyssey Artisans. Odyssey Artisans specializes in contemporary art and home decor and are committed to sharing Africa’s vibrant, rich, and diverse cultural heritage. They carry a line of fine art by African contemporary artists and have launched a pillow collection featuring … Read more

Universal and Accessible Guest Bath – Dream Home 2021 Room Reveal

By Linda Merrill | July 14, 2021 | 12 Comments
Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Dream Home 2021 ADA Universal and Accessible Guest Bathangled

Hello! I’m thrilled to share the first completely finished space in the LMDS Dream Home 2021 project – the Universal and Accessible Guest Bathroom. I shared the beginnings of the plan a couple of weeks ago and why I wanted to create a home that could serve all physical needs presently and in the future. … Read more

Mini Project Reveal – Custom Wine Cabinet

By Linda Merrill | July 3, 2021 | 15 Comments
Linda Merrill Wine Cabinet headers

Last week I posted about the finished primary bathroom in my client’s mid-century Deck House in Sudbury, MA. This time, I wanted to share the custom wine cabinet I design with my client. He’s got an extensive wine collection but no basement to install a true wine cellar. So, the next best thing is a … Read more

Project Reveal – A Mid-Century Deckhouse Bathroom remodel

By Linda Merrill | June 24, 2021 | 30 Comments
Deck house bathroom blog header

I’m happy to share a newly completed bathroom project for a long-time client. His new house is a Mid-Century Deckhouse and the primary bathroom got a much needed makeover! First, an introduction to the house. This house was built in 1968 and is a classic modern mid-century deckhouse style. With deck houses, the ceiling of … Read more

Design for Accessible and Universal Living

By Linda Merrill | June 15, 2021 | 12 Comments
Dream Home front exterior with ramp design for universal accessible living

What is design for accessible and universal living? I’ll start with what it’s not: When my parents were in their late 50’s, where I am now, they sold their two-story eight room colonial on the South Shore of Massachusetts and purchased what they intended to be their retirement home – a one-story on Cape Cod. … Read more