LMDS QuickQ Interior Design Consultation

LMDS QuickQ Design Consultation Interior Design Linda Merrill cover

What is QuickQ? 

This is an email Q&A for a design dilemma, not an overall design plan for your project. While I may make some specific product recommendations, it is more typical for me to suggest a type of product or example of what I think would work for you to source on your own. All products or paint colors should always be seen in the specific space they are intended for as lighting and existing furnishings and colors impact how things look. Additionally, we cannot  be responsible for any recommended items becoming unavailable or discontinued. 

This is a “per room” service and can only be purchased once per room in any six month period. 

What you send us: 

  • Photos of your entire room – all four walls straight on and diagonal across the room from each corner. The photos should be taken in landscape orientation (horizontal), in daylight and be reasonably clear. No more than 10 photos should be emailed or uploaded to a DropBox. This gives us an overall view of your room.  
  • Dimensions/measurements of your space as needed. If your dilemma is size/scale related then I will want to know the measurements and will advise what additional information is needed based on the needs of the project.  You are responsible for the accuracy of your measurements. 
  • You can ask up to three questions per room/space. 

What we send you:

 • Well-considered professional answers to all your questions including sketches, resources and written responses as needed to illustrate the recommendations. While I am happy to answer any followup questions to clarify my recommendations, no substitutions will be made. 

Fee: $500.00 payable in advance.

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