Charlotte and Bunny do Edith proud

Since I started this series of posts on The Mount, I’ve been so excited to share the photos of the Drawing Room and Dining Room, which were decorated in 2002 by Charlotte Moss and Bunny Williams, respectively. These are the only fully decorated rooms in the house currently and while it’s wonderful to be able … Read more

Property Swoon: Burklyn Hall Classic Magnificence in the Northeast Kingdom

Burklyn Hall Exterior yellow neo classical house

I came across this amazing neoclassical home, called Burklyn Hall, built in 1908, and couldn’t wait to share it. It was built around the same time as The Mount, Edith Wharton’s home in the Berkshires, and there are many similarities. This amazing property is for sale for what seems like a steal and it would … Read more

Property Swoon: A Vermont Farmhouse Fantasy

Sometimes, a property just captures the essence of what’s popular (aka trendy) in design, but is also actually really good too, which doesn’t happen as often as one would think. This is the case with this gorgeous Vermont farmhouse fantasy home that was featured in both Design New England and Traditional Home magazines – in … Read more

It’s Spring! and a visit to Beauport, the Sleeper-McCann House

Well, hello! How was your weekend? We in New England had a lovely spring snowstorm overnight. I’ve had about 5 inches so far, I guess. But luckily, this time of year, it will melt quickly. Meanwhile, my little RoyRoy ushered in spring with a strange limp that caused me to bring him to the emergency … Read more

Keeping cool!

It’s going to be another scorcher today and I still don’t have the air conditioner in my office yet. Yikes! Anyway, I was staring at the lawn sprinkler the other day thinking about how calming and memorizing it was. Much like a fire in a fireplace, a sprinkler or fountain really just draws you in. … Read more