Deadly Squire – Fabulously Quirky

One of my favorite websites in the whole of cyberspace – which I believe is quite vast at this point – is Deadly Squire. Husband and wife team of Anna and Tim Harrington have created this quirky online world that is part burlesque (not the nudie kind), part J. Peterman, part Martha Stewart, part high … Read more

Insidecor – Your entré “to the trade”

Ever see something in a magazine – fabric, furniture, wallpaper or accessories – that you just love, but it’s listed as “To the Trade”? For those who don’t know, this means that the vendor only sells to designers or other similar design trade professionals. If you’ve been frustrated by the fact that you don’t want … Read more

New York International Gift Fair

The New York International Gift Fair The only Market for Gifts and Home Furnishings in the United States where the latest products, the best merchandising ideas, the leading National and International Manufacturers: are all together in the most incredible city in the World. The Show that introduced the concept of focused product divisions which continue … Read more

Meet the Designer: Eric Pfeiffer for WallCandy Arts

Prolific product designer Eric Pfeiffer has designed WallCandy Arts current line of fun – and functional – wall decals. Eric has developed product concepts for Design Within Reach, Target, Crate and Barrel, NYMoMA, Room & Board, CB2, Land of Nod, and The Container Store. Pfeiffer recently co-authored the book, “Bent Ply: the Art of … Read more

Koko Company

I just came across this wonderful collection of pillows, bedding and floormats by Koko Company. The mix of colors and textures – including embroidery, applique and felts – is just wonderful. They will be showing at the NY Gift Fair on August 11-15th, Pier 94 #41015, but you can visit them online here. (as seen … Read more

Going to the Dogs

Last week, Katiedid had a fun post on Jeff Coons’ iconic ceramic puppy. She must have scoured the web and her resources to come up with so many puppy sitings. (and no, this isn’t me harping on overused trends – this is simply cute!). I was reminded of my own “pet” dog – who keeps … Read more


Antinuous Sculpture on Toscano Design Close on the heels of my recent post on the ubiquity of coral in design schemes, I am back taking a look at another recent well used (over used?) decorative accessory – the bust. Be it Grecian, Roman, African or Asian, the bust lends an immediate air of timelessness to … Read more

Domino Magazine: Decorators, step away from the coral ?

So, I’m looking at my August Domino that just came in the mail – packed with do’s and don’ts from several of today’s big name decorators. I generally don’t ascribe to hard and fast “Do’s and Don’ts” rules because really, decorating is personal and transient. I’ll have more to pick over from this issue, but … Read more

Meet The Artist: Marye-Kelley

I have belatedly realize that I had Marye-Kelley’s URL misspelled when I posted this originally, so am reposting again. Besides, these pieces are so pretty, they deserve another go ’round! Melinda Marye-Kelley has been creating these beautiful decoupage accessories for seventeen years. Based in Houston, Melinda and her husband bill now over see a staff … Read more