Recommended: Craft in America on PBS

Have you seen Craft in America on PBS? If you haven’t had a chance, it’s been running this month and I highly recommend it. Produced in three episodes – Memory, Landscape & Community – the show is also presented in high-definition to capture the fine details of these great American crafts. George Nakashima, Conoid Bench … Read more

Meet the Artist: Lorie Reilly, Mosaica Botanica

I attended the Duxbury Art Association Annual Craft show this past weekend and was totally blown away by the artistry of Lorie Reilly of Moasica Botanica. Lorie paints with glass; bringing life and movement using nothing but colored glass and grout, and her imagination. After a career in publishing, Lorie decided that it was time … Read more

Outlander: The Glassware

Found ’em! One of the most asked questions I’ve received since I started doing posts on the Starz Series “Outlander” was about the glassware. I will admit I was surprised that blown glassware would have been typical during the period for an outpost such as Castle Leoch, but there’s no doubt the glasses they used … Read more