Painting Backs of Bookcases

Linda Merrill Duxbury Garden Home coastal Living room

Painting the backs of bookcases can bring a fresh and captivating look to your living space. Whether you’re aiming to create a bold contrast, a subtle backdrop or an artistic masterpiece, this often overlooked canvas offers a world of creative possibilities. Here are some of the ways I’ve done it: This is a terrible before … Read more

Tips to Decorate A Rental Home

Linda Merrill Nook Cottage Before and After decorate a rental 2

Do you love interior decorating but live in a rental apartment or home and aren’t sure how you can decorate a rental? With the price of housing skyrocketing and less mobility happening in general (per The New York Times) many people are staying put. If you’re staying put in your rental but want to make … Read more

2018 Newburyport Holiday House Tour

19 Federal Street Living Room Christmas Newburyport Holiday House Tour 2018

Happy (almost) Christmas! Sorry to take so long getting these 2018 Newburyport Holiday House Tour 2018 tour pics up. I ended up taking so many photos it’s taken forever to edit them down into a manageable tour. As I’ve often said, Newburyport, Massachusetts is my absolute favorite city.  One of the things I love about … Read more

There’s Charm Galore in this English Stone Cottage

Tudor stone bastle Northumberland England Photo by David Webb Bastle sign Stone cottage

In my post on Accessories, I came across this adorably charming English country stone cottage on Country Living’s website. To die for. It also reminded me of Kate Winslet’s country cottage in The Holiday – almost as if one were the inspiration for the other. The house is owned by interior designer Julie Oswald and her … Read more