Getting to the Finish Line with Accessories

Linda Merrill quote on Accessories

“Accessories, art, plants and flowers bring “life” to any room. Always keep a little in the budget reserved for these finishing touches. Otherwise, even a space with the most beautiful furnishings will look like a showroom, not a living room.” ~ Linda Merrill Last week, interior designer Vivian Benjamin kindly posted my quote on the … Read more

Pillow sale!

I often make my clients the finish decorative pillows for their interiors. I love that my handiwork is part of their homes. At the end of the day, I have lots of leftover fabrics (plus, I keep buying more!). I usually spend a weekend a month whipping up some cute pillows and I’d like to … Read more

Crumpled things

Perhaps it’s because my office trash bin is overflowing, but I got to thinking about “crumpled” products. Is it trash or treasure? Vase of Phases by Dror Benshetrit Crumpled building by Thomas Heatherwick Crumpled paperweight and lamp from US Revol crumpled large tumbler from Amazon UK Crumpled bins from Design My World I need … Read more

Get That Look! Sex & the City: Carrie at home

While it’s been off the air for a few years now, HBO’s Sex and the City continues to fascinate and inpire. The HBO website has a great section about the interior design of each of the girls apartments. While I won’t go into the thought process behind each space, you can read all that over … Read more