Bar cabinet makeover plans

As I’m making my plans for what I’m keeping from my parent’s house, this cherry stereo cabinet has always been on my short list. This piece has been in my life for as long as I can remember and even played the role as altar when I made my First Communion privately at home. (Not … Read more

DIY: Wall Tile project

A couple of weeks ago I ran across this really easy and eye-catching DIY wall tile art project on another blog. But, I am completely embarrassed to admit that I forgot to write down where I saw it, as I really wish to attribute this project to the correct source. So, if you’ve recently seen … Read more

Get That Look! Semi-Custom Headboard Detail

The May 2008 House Beautiful featured this lovely bedroom with a really striking tufted and be-ribboned headboard. Upholstered headboards are hot, hot, hot right now; we’re seeing them everywhere. Undoubtedly, the one featured in this photo is a custom piece. A custom built headboard with tufting and detailing such as this might range from $1,500 … Read more

Magnetic memo board project

Here’s a great project from Painter Girl, a decorative painter. With magnetic paint and a trompe l’oeil border, this is a great DIY project that is totally customizable to your own design scheme. From an elegant stencil such as this damask pattern to something more modern, it’s both decorative and functional!

DIY – Bathroom wall project

Eric over at Modern Self has been showcasing his great bathroom makeover project. His fabulous apartment was featured as part of Apartment Therapy’s recent Smallest, Coolest contest. In this post, he showcases the amazing one of a kind striped walls in the bathroom. Thanks for sharing, Eric!