Downton Abbey Exhibition in Boston

Downton Abbey Exhibition sign

So, Friday was my birthday and my oldest friend (meaning longest term, NOT OLDest, lol) took me to the Downton Abbey Exhibition currently showing in Boston and then out to a lovely lunch. I was really looking forward to the exhibit as I loved the series and had extensively blogged about it when it was … Read more

A Ladies High Tea

Linda Merrill Ladies High Tea flowers decoupage pot

  Hello! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I’m sorry my posts have been so sporadic recently, sometimes it’s just hard getting it together enough to post something. Anyway, on Saturday I had my nieces Libby and Katie over for a formal(ish) ladies high tea and I wanted to share the menu and … Read more

Downton Abbey Bedrooms

As we head towards the series finale of Downton Abbey, I wanted to visit the various bedrooms we’ve seen along the way. Some have changed, some have stayed the same. All are beautiful in their own way. Lots of dialogue has taken place in Robert and Cora’s bedroom. It was customary for Edwardia era ladies … Read more

Downton Abbey Dining Rooms

In this my second countdown to the finale installment, I’m going to feature some of the beautiful Downton Abbey Dining room scenes. Along with the drawing room, which I featured yesterday, the dining room has been the scene of most of the “conversation” aspects of the series. The real setting is the dining room in … Read more

Get That Look: Downton Abbey and the Outdoor Life

One of the loveliest parts of all the period British dramas is the depiction of the outdoor life of the British noble and gentry classes.  Certainly, the Brits are known for their love and expertise at gardening, riding and hunting and the exquisite lawn parties filled with ladies and gentlemen dressed in white enjoying simpler … Read more