Martha does Bats!

click on image to enlarge My good friend Brian Lies‘ book “Bats at the Library” was featured as a “Good Thing” on Martha Stewarts’ show today! Martha made Brian’s bat craft on air and showed illustrations from the book. Everybody in the audience got a copy of the book. She even had her designers make … Read more


I drove by this old home today while visiting my parents on Cape Cod and just loved the Halloween decorations! I’ve never seen anything quite as eye catching before. I’ll admit it – not a big Halloween fan. Oh – I love the kiddies in costumes, I love the taste testing each candy brand to … Read more

Danvers Historical Society Designer Holiday Show House

 Endicott Manstion at Glen Magna Farms in summer (photo courtesy of Danvers Historical Society) Contrary to what is the normal holiday show house, the Danvers Historical Society show this year was a real designer showhouse where the professional designers not only added some holiday flair to the space, but also truly designed their rooms from … Read more

Newburyport Holiday House Tour 2013

Okay, so most of us have our holiday decorations packed away and are a tad sick of the whole thing, but since this is the Feast of the Epiphany, aka Twelfth Night, I thought I could squeeze in my visit to the Newburyport Holiday House Tour from a few weeks ago. I only made it … Read more

What I’ve been up to

Thank you to everyone who has reached out regarding my mother. I so appreciate all your kind words and messages! I’m doing okay, getting back into the “game” is the saying goes. I’m not feeling all that Christmassy, or at least the Christmas decorating and hoopla that usually surrounds the holiday. But I have been … Read more

It’s almost Fall – Time for a Seasonal Giveaway!

The lovely ladies at LoveFeast Shop – a new ::Surroundings:: sponsor – are offering this adorable trio of pumpkins in Ocelot velvet as a giveaway! The velvet Plush Pumpkin Ocelot Trio set of 3 pumpkins include a 6″, 5″ and 4″ Ocelot pumpkin. Each velvet pumpkin is finished with a natural, organic stem.  The value … Read more