My Kitchen in Country Woman magazine

click on images for larger view My kitchen makeover was completed just about a year ago and I’ve been loving it ever since. It is my favorite room in my house. I’ve been very lucky that it also appealed to several media outlets including The Boston Globe, Shelterpop, Apartment Therapy and now Country Woman magazine.  … Read more

Media Talk: My little kitchen gets its closeup and John Derian’s P-town home

The Boston Globe featured my kitchen renovation in today’s issue! You can click on the image above to read it as it appears in the paper, or easier yet, click here for the online version.  Thanks to Jaci Conry for writing such an excellent account of the project!  I’ve probably bored all my regular readers … Read more

Why my Kitchen is my favorite space and lessons learned from my Dad

I lived with this kitchen for nine years. I look back and wonder what I was thinking. Really, I wasn’t. I was switching careers, building a business, dealing with aging parents, and basically trying to have a life. So, my kitchen kind of languished. And I was embarrassed about it. Decorator’s are expected to live … Read more

The Real McCoy: An ode to my cookie jar

For my fourth birthday, my best friend and next door neighbor Patty Zimmerman (who was three) gave me this very cute Humpty Dumpty cookie jar.  This became our family cookie jar, gracing our kitchen through many moves and houses.  Although it was technically mine, I didn’t have free reign of the cookies inside, sadly. However, … Read more

Linda’s Kitchen: There’s light at the end of the tunnel

Once upon a time, my kitchen was a dated, tiny space with nasty knotty pine cabinets and twenty-five year old appliances. As a featured piece of my blogging relationship with New England Home magazine, my planned kitchen facelift took on a larger scale. Instead of just painting the cabinets and walls, the popcorn ceiling was … Read more

Linda’s Kitchen: Ahh, the joys of restocked cabinets!

And so, my kitchen cabinets are finally painted (woot!) and I’m no longer picking through grocery bags for food and measuring cups. The joys of clean, organized and freshly painted kitchen cabinets cannot be overstated, let me tell you! A little recap. My kitchen makeover has been basically a Sunday afternoon project. So, I’ve we’ve … Read more