Top Design Swarovski Chandelier Challenge

Top Design finalists: Preston Lee, Ondine Karady and Nathan Preston We’re down to the three finalists on Bravo’s Top Design – have you been watching? I think the best three contenders have made it to the finals. And, I totally hope that Jeff Lewis is asked to be a permanent judge! Meanwhile, just a little … Read more

Top Design Chandelier Challenge Contest

Blogging Top Design and ::Surroundings:: invites you to join us for a fantastic contest! The October 22nd show challenged the contestants to decorate a room around a fantastic Swarovski chandelier from their Crystal Palace collection. How would you have done? Now is the time to find out! You are invited to submit a design board … Read more

Top Design Podcasts

As part of my responsibilities over on Blogging Top Design I get to do the exit interviews for the designers who are sent home each week. I’ve been so lucky to spend time chatting with Serge Van Lian, Jennifer Newsom, Robert Reid, Kerry Howard, Shazia Kirmani and Wisit Prapong. My BTD colleague Laura Kluvo did … Read more

Top Design

Have you been watching Top Design on Bravo? I’ve been busy blogging on the show over at Blogging Top Design and I’m loving doing it! It’s a lot of work – A LOT of work – and I worry I’m neglecting things a bit over here on ::Surroundings::. But, readership is up, so I guess … Read more

Top Design Season 2: Getting to know Serge Van Lian

Serge, 27, describes his biggest accomplishment as learning to live without fear, being completely in the present, and doing whatever he’s inspired to do. Raised in LA by a Dutch model and Russian/Armenian meat factory owner, he is the first American born in his family. His upbringing was unconventional and domestic life was turbulent until … Read more