Travel Tuesday: Trianon Palace Hotel, Versailles

The legendary Trianon Palace hotel and spa in Versailles, France where the likes of Marcel Proust , René Lacoste and the Duke of Winsor once frolicked has just completed a breathtaking $30 million renovation. Situated just outside Paris less than a mile from Louis XIV’s famed Chateau de Versailles, the 5-star luxury hotel’s upgrades include … Read more

Travel Tuesday: Schloss Velden, Austria

How pretty is the Schloss Velden Hotel in Austria! The architecture – a combination of ancient and modern – and those views! Spectacular! These photos are from the Architectural Digest story THE VENERABLE CASTLE ON LAKE WÖRTH UPENDS TRADITION WITH A MODERN ADDITION Architecture by Jabornegg & Pálffy/Interior Design by Peter Silling of Hotel Interior … Read more