Trustworth Studios

From whimsical to classic Arts and Crafts, Trustworth Studios in Plymouth, MA has a stunning line of wallpapers that rivals anything I’ve ever seen. Wallpaper is most definitely coming back – and these papers lead the way:

Wonder Walls are Hot Walls

In case you haven’t noticed, wallpaper is hot right now. London-based Wonder Walls provide customizable (Bespoke) wallpapers and panels. Image scale and colors are all customizable. You could really go crazy with these papers. Bespoke Line:And for kids: Caroline at Wonder walls sent over images of some of their latest artist additions to the line: … Read more

The Alpha Workshops for Thibaut

I‘ve been organizing my home office and sewing room and came across a packet of wallpaper samples from Thibaut that I picked up at last fall’s Market Week at the Boston Design Center. Oy, sometimes, things do get buried, don’t they? Anyway, the wallpaper samples are from Thibaut’s newly released papers made in conjunction with … Read more

Alan, The Gallant

Okay – first off – how cool is the name Alan, The Gallant? It conjures up chivalrous images of raincoats laid over puddles, doors held and gentlemen standing to great a lady. Sigh… ok, am back from my daydream. But, seriously – how pretty are these graphics designed by, yes – Alan, The Gallant – … Read more